Thursday, June 11, 2009

No more overwatering!

8105 Pale-Colored Glass Watering Globe with Plant Nanny - set of 3
Whether you’re tired of wasting water by watering too much or sick of coming home to houseplants that have died of thirst, the Plant Nanny watering globe saves the day. The Plant Nanny is a specially-engineered ceramic stake that waters plants automatically. Inserted into soil near the root base, the gravity-fed Plant Nanny releases water as the soil begins to dry, so it doesn’t under-water or over-water plants. With water on demand, the Plant Nanny keeps the entire root system uniformly moist for more robust shrubs, vibrant flowers, or better yields from vegetables. Translucent, fluted glass globes serve as water reservoirs and add visual interest and color to landscaping, indoor plants, shrubs, and flowers. Water levels are easily seen, so you know exactly when to refill. And, globes are packaged in a decorative box to make a great gift for your favorite green thumb. Price: $44.95

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